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PEOPLE OF THE STORM - beginning April 3rd

People of the Storm (The book of Acts)
After Easter everything changed. It’s not just that people had a new hope for life after death, so that the world could go on as normal. Jesus’ resurrection meant something more than what we might experience individually. It meant a whole new world was beginning. A storm, beyond human control or imagination, long promised and cataclysmic, flashed on the horizon, and it would be unleashed with wind, fire, flood, and power. Jesus’ final instruction to those who loved him was simply this: “Wait for it!”
The book of Acts tells the story of a people caught up in this storm. The book is often called “The Acts of the Apostles.” But actually it’s a book about what God does through the unleashing of the Holy Spirit. In Acts we find the people of Jesus caught up in His storm. It drives them, casts them, empowers them, and leads them into this world to begin the universal restoration God wants with every part of His creation. That’s the new world coming, growing, expanding. Here’s the exciting part- it’s still happening! And I hope that the weeks we will spend hearing the message of Acts will awaken us and inspire us to the presence of God’s Spirit so that we too, can be the people of the Storm!