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Home for

After Thanksgiving, Christmas comes on like a high-speed train and we find our time squeezed with a list of preparations to make sure it finds a ready home among us.The tree, the shopping, the wreaths, the lights, the music, the parties, the table with its décor and recipes all work together with family traditions to reach toward homecoming. In all of this we welcome friends and family home and hope in the deepest parts of our hearts to find what we’re really searching for: belonging, love, and joy.
Tim Keller says, “The message of the Bible is that the human race is a band of exiles trying to come home.”
It’s true. That’s part of why we work so hard and spend so much at this time of year. But the deepest truth about coming home for Christmas has little to do with what we might prepare but with what God prepares. In Jesus, God left his home and was born as a human baby, in a manger covered in rags, to be among us. Despite all our efforts there really was no way we could find home, but Jesus could find us, and bring home with Him.
Join us in December as we come Home for Christmas!