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The Bread of Bethlehem - beginning November 29th

The Bread of Bethlehem: The story of Ruth
Darkness and turmoil hovered over the land. Just rulers were few and far between. The relationship of God and his people tattered on the brink.
The plight of the whole could be seen in the one. One town- Bethlehem, “the house of bread,” was experiencing deep famine. The family of one man, Elimeleck, was decimated by fear and death. All of its strength has been lost except for two homeless widows. In this singular family we see the spiritual struggle of the whole world.
The candle of hope flickers. Will there be a future for this family? Will there be food for Bethlehem? Will there be rescue for all people?
Come learn this Advent season how Hope can be found and how Hope is always found- in the baby born in Bethlehem.