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Engaging the Presence - beginning October 4th

Do you know of someone who, when you’re with them, it just seems like this person is at home in the presence of God? Maybe you observed a connection to God like you had never seen before?

It should not surprise us that Jesus’ disciples saw this quality in him. If you were to ask the disciples, "What’s Jesus secret? What enables him to live such an extraordinary life?" I think if they had to answer in one word, that word would be prayer and all that brought to his life. No one has ever prayed like Jesus. We’re told in the Bible from the beginning to the end about how prayer marked his life.
Jesus enters his followers into his school of prayer. And this school of prayer is powerful. It’s a way to spend time in the presence of God in a transforming way. And that offer is still on the table, for people like you and me. We can have that, Jesus wanted us to have that kind of conversational relationship with God.
If we will engage God and his presence and person through Jesus’ school of prayer, I believe it will come to dawn upon us that there’s a larger God out there. He’s just not a celestial cleaner-up and sorter-out of messes and wants. He is the Living God. And He is our Father.
I encourage you to sit at the feet and listen to the one who, Peter said, “has the words of eternal life.” Prayer is about bending our lives toward God. This Living God is our greatest reward! And through this prayer, we can be His sanctuary, His dwelling right here on earth!