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God had to get involved in our messiness
He didn’t just come to our neighborhood for a visit, he became born a human being specifically to live with us and for us.
He came as a third world human being who caught the flu, went to school, grieved over his father’s death, wrestled with his brothers, knew what it was like to experience real hunger, shivered on cold nights and fought away gnats on hot summer days.
Incarnation is the most poignant way that God knew how to show us that he loves and cares- to live an earthed life- communal, relational, to experience all this with us.
For God, what it means to be faithful, what it means to love powerfully, is to be embodied- a flesh and blood human being with others and for others. God’s faithfulness was expressed actively, corporally, personally. Embodiment was God's intervention strategy into a world lost in darkness. It, was… and it is. 
The Embodied Mission of God goes beyond what God did in Jesus. It is also about what God is doing in the Spirit through us!