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The Story of Jesus is a story of broken things. To broken people Jesus came, to be with them, among them, for them. He made it very clear that he didn’t come for those who had it all together. He came for the failures, the losers, and the very folks who never imagined they had a chance to be treasured by God.

The vulnerability of these broken people made Jesus that much more fond of them, attracted to them, and eager to be with them. There’s also some truth to the fact that the broken parts of their lives enabled them to receive Jesus. Brokenness served as the conductor for the current of God’s love to penetrate their hearts. In the end, to make his intentions very clear, Jesus himself became broken so that all the brokenness in the world could begin healing. “Broken” became the portal through which they came to know God and each other, and God came to know them. Who would have guessed how important it would be in God’s coming kingdom, to embrace the clear truth of our brokenness.
If we know this to be so true, why do we hide our brokenness and fear its revelation? And what does that say to the broken people in our lives who need our love and acceptance?
Strength through weakness. Finding by losing. Rising through falling. Whole while broken. The strange paradox of the kingdom of God. The key to living freely and joyfully and lovingly in the kingdom of God!