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Making Room
October 16th – November 20th
Jesus made room in his life- Room for all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances. His scandalous welcome of people across all social strata set him apart from every other kind of leader of his day. He practiced a new kind of “Hospitality.” The word literally means “to welcome the stranger.” He taught a unique kind of sharing and receiving over dinner tables.
And his followers kept his table manners alive. The early church’s hospitality served as an astonishing yet vibrant testimony to human dignity, love, acceptance, service, and justice. It served as a sign of everything that God was up to in the world. It was a graceful and powerful dynamic that brought the ways of Jesus into the lives of both believers and unbelievers alike.
Let’s spend a few weeks discovering the challenges and difficulties of recovering this vibrant and life-giving practice. It’s something we can only do together, in faith that as we open our homes and lives to each other, Jesus will show up and take his place among us!