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FAITH IN A BARREN LAND - beginning July 17th

Faith in a Barren Land
Samuel is born into one of the most difficult seasons in the story of God’s people. The nation suffers from disunity, failed leadership, and foreign threat.  Famines and marauders ravage the land.  There is little justice. People have lost faith.
Maybe this season of your life is painful. Could emptiness, failure, fear, or misery describe where you find yourself? Are family issues breaking your heart? Is unemployment or financial struggle making things difficult? Is sickness causing pain and disappointment in your life or the lives of those you love? Is faith really, really hard?
The book of Samuel knows this place. It speaks to lives hanging on by a thread, and addresses circumstances that are unspeakably difficult. And it challenges, all of us, to dare to believe that something beautiful will sprout in a barren land.