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Sowing Wisdom

Sowing Wisdom… and Reaping Life!
We live in a society driven by scarcity. In countless ways we're afraid we won't have enough… enough time, enough money, enough energy, enough intelligence. We don't look good enough. We're afraid our kids won't have enough opportunities and openings. We wonder if our careers and marriages will be enough. We don't think we are enough. We long to be complete and fulfilled. We hope to find a life that really matters. We want a life that feels deep and meaningful.That's why there's no shortage of self-help books on the shelves. It's also why television's most popular shows feature advice and knowledge on being more - more healthy, more thrifty, more successful, more knowledgeable and more organized. There's wisdom on offer from many sources to fill this ache in our soul.
God also offers us wisdom. His wisdom offers a full and mature life that is lacking in nothing. His wisdom guides a life to bear abundant fruit - like peace, understanding, freedom, and joy. His wisdom comes into our life not through our own ardent effort but through His generosity. And the way for this wisdom to be sown into our lives is found in the Letter of James. Come and listen to what Jesus' own brother discovered about the kind of wisdom that comes from above.