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Sermon Series
The Great and Beautiful God
begins September 7th


The Great and Beautiful God

The human heart is an idol factory. We crank out idol after idol, in search of something meaningful, sustaining, and deserving of our deepest longings. We create gods out of all kinds of things and people and experiences. How many times have you known disappointment in your life because the joy or pleasure of that one thing or that one person for which you devoted all your striving faded into meaningless shortly after you possessed it? Or maybe you found that “end” you strived for was only a dead end? And so you still find yourself searching, striving, or worshipping something that can’t bring you anything that lasts. And on and on you strive for something that satisfies.
This fall we’ll journey with Abraham. We’ll walk with him in the wilderness. We’ll follow him in answer to a strange call from an unknown God. The promise of this God is that He is the end and the beginning of all of our humanity and all of our dreams. The call of this God says that we’ll find our blessing as we find him, and that in finding him our whole life will turn into blessing.
With Abraham we hope to discover this God who shows himself by experience and name. In learning of God through the names by which he reveals himself, our prayer is that we, like Abraham, can come to know the one true God as greater than our deepest desires and more beautiful than our most daring dreams.